Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner


  • 20″ Diameter Yellow Poly Surface Cleaner
  • 4000 PSI Max Pressure
  • 15L/min Ideal Flow Rate
  • 11L/min Min Flow Rate
  • 30L/min Max Flow Rate
  • 82°C Max Temperature
  • Brush Skirt
  • No Wheels Included
  • 20m²/min Cleaning Speed
  • 15 Kg Unit Weight

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One of the best attachments for a pressure washer to clean large flat surfaces. The three rapidly spinning jets create a large, streak-free, cleaned path, reducing the time and effort needed for projects such as parking lots, driveways and sidewalks.

Ergonomic twin handles with built-in trigger makes it easy to operate and manoeuvre.

The power of the spray nozzles combined with the lightweight design results in a hovering effect, making the surface cleaner easy to work with.

Bristle skirt keeps debris and over-spray contained.

Quick connect fitting in the end of the trigger gun quickly connects to the high-pressure hose.

ABS Polymer housing resists impacts, protects the rotary arms and keeps weight minimal.