Scanreco VTI Complete System


Scanreco VTI Complete System includes:

  • Scanreco VTI Rocket Flex 14f Transmitter
  • Scanreco G5 Receiver
  • Scanreco Battery Charger (inc. Cable) for Rocket Flex.
  • Scanreco Cradle Indication

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Scanreco VTI Rocket Flex Transmitter

The G5 Rocket Flex Transmitter is a light weight, impact and water resistant handheld unit equipped with up to fourteen ON/OFF function pushbuttons. The pushbuttons can have a two-step function. It has five configurable Light Emitting Diodes(LED) for machine and status feedback as well as a charge indication LED. The buttons and the LED’s can be configured for a variety of different operations. The unit is powered with three re-chargeable AA batteries which is included separately in the delivery. The associated battery charger is recommended to be used with the unit. The backside has a belt clip for convenient attachment on the operator’s belt.

Scanreco G5 Receiver

The G5-M19 is a receiver with 19 MOSFET outputs of which 14 can be configured as digital inputs. The maximum load for each individual output is 3A and the total load of the system is limited to 10A. The connections of the receiver unit are protected against short circuit and transients. Connections are made via two 12-pin Deutsch connectors.

Scanreco Battery Charger (inc Cable) for Rocket Flex.

The battery charger also works as a holder for the Rocket Flex. The charger can be assembled on the machine with a 1/4” UNC screw. While the Rocket Flex is charging the blue LED is flashing. When charging is finished, the blue LED is lit. The charger comes with a 1.8meter cable with open wires.

Scanreco Cradle Indication

The cradle indication is an extra Feature to the battery charger for Rocket Flex. The cradle indication is easily mounted onto the back of the standard charger with accompanying bolt. When the transmitter is positioned into the battery charger the cradle indication gives a digital output, both normally open and normally closed signals are available.